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Title: Ефективність препарату «Цифлур» за ктеноцефальозу та іксодідозу собак
Other Titles: Эффективность препарата «Цифлур» при ктеноцефалёзе и иксодидозе собак
Efficacy of “Сiflur” against ctenocephalosis and ixodidosis of dogs
Authors: Мазанний, Олексій Володимирович
Mazanniy, Oleksiy
Мазанный, Алексей Владимирович
Нікіфорова, Ольга Василівна
Никифорова, Ольга Васильевна
Nikiforova, Olga
Keywords: Цифлур
іксодові кліщі
иксодовые клещи
Ixodidae ticks
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: РВВ ХДЗВА
Citation: Ефективність препарату «Цифлур» за ктеноцефальозу та іксодідозу собак / О.В. Мазанний, О.В. Нікіфорова, О.П. Лаптій, В.А. Ситнік // Проблеми зооінженерії та ветеринарної медицини: Зб. наук. праць ХДЗВА. − Х.: РВВ ХДЗВА, 2017. − Вип. 34, Ч. 2, «Ветеринарні науки». − С. 290–293
Abstract: Анотація. «Цифлур» (виробник ТОВ «БРОВАФАРМА») з діючою речовиною цифлутрин, в досліді in vivo по вивченню інсектоакарицидних властивостей на собаках виявився ефективним (ЕЕ=100 %) проти бліх та іксодових кліщів протягом 29 діб. Шкідливої дії препарату «Цифлур» при нанесенні його на шкіру собак в терапевтичній дозі, що характеризується змінами клінічного статусу тварин – не встановлено. Аннотация. «Цифлур» (производитель ООО «БРОВАФАРМА») с действующим веществом цифлутрин, в опыте in vivo по изучению инсектоакарицидных свойств на собаках оказался эффективным (ЭЭ=100 %) против блох и иксодовых клещей на протяжении 29 суток. Вредного действия препарата «Цифлур» при нанесении его на кожу собак в терапевтической дозе, которое характеризуется изменениями клинического статуса животных – не установлено. Summary. The experiment has conducted on short-haired outbred dogs in the conditions of Municipal Enterprise "Center of the reference with animals”, Kharkiv. Index of abundance (IA) have determined as a result of examination of skin-hair covering of dogs which were spontaneously infected of fleas (Ctenocephalides canis, Curt., 1826) and Ixodidae ticks (Ixodes ricinus, Linnaeus, 1758). Research group of 8 dogs of body weight 4-5 kg and aged 2-3 years old was formed. Untreated dogs from the neighboring enclosures were as control. Experimental preparation – “Ciflur” (active substance – ciflutrin) was applied once on the skin in the area of the withers moving wool apart in the morning before feeding, rubbing it in gently, at a dose of 1 ml per 10 kg of animal’s weight. During the experiment we measured the duration and efficacy of insecto-acaricidal effect of preparation and determine the general state of the animals, feed and water intake, behavior. The examination of animals was carried out on 3d-7th-14th-21st-28th and 30th day of experiment with determined the index of abundance (IA) and calculated intens efficiency (IE) and extens efficiency (EE) of preparation. Final examination was carried out on 31st day. Dogs were kept in individual separate enclosure, next to which were dogs, infested of fleas, as a potential source of invasion as well as they have been regularly walking on ticks disadvantaged territory. During the visual examination of dogs from research group have been found evident insecto-acaricidal effect of “Ciflur” against fleas and Ixodidae ticks after 24 hours, which lasted for 29 days. At the same time in non-treated animals from the neighboring enclosures have been observed pronounced itching, but during the examination were found fleas whose number has increased to 65 and 80 examples per animal. Symptoms of ctenocephalosis – itching, dishevelled of fur, scratches, alopecia have disappeared in dogs during the observation. Also general state of animals has improved, new areas of scratches were not found, and there where they were – took place regeneration of damaged skin. During the visual inspection of skin areas of application have been established that “Ciflur” was not caused the local and irritate effect on the skin-hair covering, also was not found epidermal peeling, irritation, dermatitis, dry, brittle, hair loss and other symptoms and complications. Allergic reactions also have not been observed. Since 30th day the low-grade itching has appeared in dogs, and during the careful examination was found a few places of flea bites on dog’s skin. Numbers of lesions have increased hereinafter, which means that concentration of active substances in the place of its accumulation has decreased and activity of insects has been growing. So, during one day the number of infested animals increased from 2 to 4 or increased up on 50,0 % and the number of fleas increased from 4.0 to 10.75 examples per animal or increased up on 168,75 %. And since 30th day the rates of IE and EE began sharply descended. In addition, on 30th day on a dog was found tick species Ixodes ricinus. So, “Ciflur” is effective against fleas and Ixodidae ticks of dogs for 29 days (EE = 100 %) and not caused the local and irritate effect.
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